Canadian Oil & Gas Dispute Resolution

We Solve Problems, with Energy.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Council for the Energy Industry

Litigation is costly, time consuming and usually ends with one winner and one loser. We work hard to find resolutions that are fair and dignified for all parties involved.

What is C2C ADR Council?

The C2C ADR Council is a non-profit organization that can help you get the tools and resources to manage conflict effectively without losing sight of your bottom line.

  • Wondering how to get through a challenging negotiation?
  • Do you need some different strategies to improve your business partnerships?
  • Looking for ideas to deal productively with conflict and get on with business?

Our Mission

The C2C ADR Council began in 2002 as a Task Force of over 70 energy industry volunteers who are committed to:

  • increase awareness of the impact of disputes;
  • foster better ways to manage, control, and resolve conflict;
  • and empower the negotiator.

Our volunteers include landmen, engineers, accountants, lawyers, joint venture specialists, administration, regulatory representatives and dispute resolution professionals.